Hawaiʻi’s Most Enticing Island

Welcome to Lānaʻi

Embrace serenity on the island where not one single traffic light can be found. Where luxury and privacy are a way of life. As the smallest inhabited island, Lānaʻi offers an escape from it all. Indulge in worldclass amenities, wellness retreats and championship golf, or spend the morning exploring local shops in Lānaʻi City. Delve into the historic paniolo (cowboy) culture, take in stunning canyon views of Maunalei Gulch or capture unforgettable sunsets at the iconic Puʻu Pehe. From land to sea, the unexpected awaits you on Lānaʻi.

Heritage Sites

Kaunolū Village: A favorite fishing spot of King Kamehameha I, this archaeological site features the largest surviving ruins of a prehistoric Hawaiian village. A significant and sensitive wahi pana (sacred place), Kaunolū was the religious and chiefly center for the island and its legendary stories connect Hawaiians to their ancestral homeland of Kahiki. Remains of the old fishing village can still be seen, including Kamehameha the Great’s former royal residence, on a mile-long trail around the coastline.


Besides the island’s resort areas, much of Lānaʻi looks the way it did hundreds of years ago. Cook pines and what is left of pineapple fields remain in Central Lānaʻi, but there are other off-the-beaten-path spots that can transport you back in time. Visit the Kānepuʻu Preserve for a self-guided tour featuring 48 species of endemic Hawaiian plants. Protected by the Nature Conservancy, learn how this fragile ecosystem continues to survive in Lānaʻi today.


Play on one of the best-ranked golf courses in the world. The 18-hole Mānele Golf Course at Four Seasons Lanai is one of Jack Nicklaus’s crowning masterpieces. With three holes built into seaside cliffs, this target-style course roams across natural lava outcroppings on Lānaʻi’s South Shore, delighting players with dazzling views of the Pacific Ocean.