More than just a dance. Hula animates history, genealogy, prophecy, and the tales of those who came before.

Enjoy Hula Respectfully

Hula dancers train for years with the physical intensity of professional athletes and the academic rigor of doctoral students under the tutelage of a kumu hula (hula teacher) before performing in public, so it is important to enjoy a performance respectfully. If you happen upon a public performance, please be mindful it may not be meant for public viewing and may be asked to mindfully keep your distance and observe at a distance.

Hula, A Pacific Dance Tradition

Though it is one of many Pacific dance traditions, hula is distinctively Hawaiian. Hula is often showcased alongside the Samoan fire dance, Tahitian otea, and Maori haka, particularly in luau shows in Hawaii. But hula should not be confused with those traditions from other lands.