Delight your taste buds with a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, abundant upland cattle farms and Pacific Ocean waters teeming with sashimi-grade fish. From farm-to-table Hawaiʻi Regional Cuisine to traditional feasts fit for ke aliʻi (royalty), you’ll find delicious culinary treasures on every Hawaiian island.

The Local Food Scene

No matter the time of year you are likely to come across a food festival where you’ll be treated to the best of the local food scene. You can plan your trip around events such as the Hawaiʻi Food & Wine Festival and Kapalua Wine & Food Festival which brings together top-notch chefs, sommeliers and winemakers from around Hawaiʻi (and the world). From poi to pancakes, learn all about the “staff of life” at the East Maui Taro Festival, and sample a real local delicacy in all its forms at the Waikīkī Spam Jam. The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is good to the last drop, while beloved events like the Maui Onion Festival, Lānaʻi Pineapple Festival and Kauaʻi Coconut Festival pay homage to our local crops.

Eat Like a Local

Pūpū – meet the Hawaiian term for appetizer. Every local restaurant offers a wide range of creative pupu platter to dine on, from poke dishes to sushi.

Shave ice – no matter what island you find yourself on, grab a shave ice to cool off. These finely shaved snow cones are served with colorful flavors on the top with a choice of ice cream or azuki beans on the bottom.

Loco Moco – Ready for a big lunch or sharing? Try a “loco moco”, a hamburger steak and egg over rice, covered in gravy. You can find this local favorite anywhere but if you’re in Hilo, stop by Café 100 on the Island of Hawaiʻi.

Malasadas – craving something sweet? Try a hot malasada (a Portuguese donut). Although Leonard’s Bakery in Kapahulu is popular on Oʻahu, ask any local and they can tell you their favorite bakery!